201 W 63rd Street

201 W 63rd Street
Willowbrook IL

201 W 63rd Street View1

Property Type

Property Size
36,160 Sq Ft
Available Space
1,000 Sq Ft - 9,500 Sq Ft
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Click Here To View Mapped Property

  • 36,100 sf Available for Lease (divisible)
  • Willowbrook serves a growing population of over 101,000 residents within a three-mile radius, and an additional daytime population of 48,000 employed by the area’s 8,400-plus businesses.
  • Located on 63rd Street (19,707 cpd) between Clarendon Hills Road (6,800 cpd) and Route 83 (46,905 cpd)

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Peter Caruso_Commercial Real Estate Broker
Peter Caruso

License No.: 475144084

+1 312 228 2926

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Michele Dugan_Commercial Real Estate Broker
Michele Dugan

+1 414 350 2377

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Jose O. Gonzalez_Commercial Real Estate Broker
Jose O. Gonzalez

License No.: 475.149044

+1 312 228 2155

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